Digital Products

Need help creating a digital product?

Digital products are everywhere these days. In App Stores, Software as a Service, Desktop Software to download and install. There are plenty of business models too; Freemium, Subscription, Advertising Funded, In-App Purchase and combinations of all of those.

When you are starting out or have an idea for a Digital Product, which could be a game, mobile or desktop app, a cloud service or a combination of these, the really tough question is, where do I start? That is typically followed by a lot more questions:

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  • What technology should I use?

  • What platforms should I support?

  • What business model is right?

  • What features should I launch with?

  • Should I build a prototype first?

  • How much do I need to invest before the money rolls in?

  • Can I do it myself or with my own team or should I partner with someone else?

  • How do I write a Business Case?

We’ve been designing and developing Digital Products since 2001 and we can help you answer those and many more questions.

We’d love to hear about your project and what you are looking for from a design and development partner. Get in touch and we’ll make your project gets off to a great start.

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