My Pharmacy Rules

An engagement platform delivered through an app that has Pharmacy Assistants learning about Pfizer products in their own time.


Client: Pfizer

Project: My Pharmacy Rules

Deliverables: iOS & Android (phone & tablet), web-based admin system.

The challenge

As one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer has a lot of high quality content for consumers and healthcare professionals, but the challenge lies in keeping people up-to-date, and achieving top-of-mind awareness. Pharmacy assistants were identified as pivotal to the sale of over-the-counter products, so Pfizer challenged us to create an app that would educate, engage and reward pharmacy assistants.


we delivered

My Pharmacy Rules is an education and engagement platform for pharmacy assistants. At the heart of the platform is a rich quiz platform which is highly addictive and a lot of fun. Through the quiz, pharmacy assistants learned about key product features and benefits. Delivered as a mobile app on both iOS and Android, the platform also incorporates:

    • Additional learning content
    • Regular competitions
    • News
    • Push notifications and messaging
    • Regular updates
    • Admin system to manage the whole system.

Regular updates have kept the platform fresh.


The Outcomes

Pharmacy assistants had never been given an app like this before, which in itself caused high levels of uptake. Perhaps most pleasing to Pfizer was the number of pharmacy assistants prepared to invest in learning about their products in their own time, with peak engagement at 8.00pm. This new channel to market that fulfilled a number of objectives was a huge success. The platform has won multiple awards and has been taken up by a number of other regions at Pfizer.  


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