SG Fleet Dash

It may look like a simple game, but this app is really a lead generation machine in overdrive. 


Client: SG Fleet

Project: SG Fleet Dash

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App,  Dynamically Scalable Hosting

The challenge

SG Fleet are Australia's leading Novated Lease business, specialising in novated leases. Like most companies they are always looking for ways to reach potential customers and generate new leads. Novated leasing can sound complicated too, and is too easily dismissed.


we delivered

We designed SG Fleet Dash, a game-based, cross-platform app. The addictive game at the heart of the app, is designed to encourage repeat play, as well as help players understand how novated leasing works.

The app includes a rich reward system, allowing players to upgrade their car over time in the game AND win real world extras for their car, if they go ahead and source their next car from SG Fleet.

The app includes a really easy way of getting in touch with the sgfleet sales team to kick off a conversation about a novated lease.


The Outcomes

SG Fleet now have an app that helps explain what they do in a really fun way. Because it's fun, it's popular too! We all know that, given the chance, everyone loves to play .

The game generates curiosity, which drives installs and then potential customers feel good about SG Fleet. Because they're having fun,  that makes them more likely to get in touch.


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