The M&A Game

This game got headlines in all the financial press around the world when it launched and has been delivering for ansarada ever since.


Client: ansarada

Project: The M&A Game

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App, Web Based Admin System, Dynamically Scalable Hosting

The challenge

ansarada had already captured the lion's share of the Australian data room market. The next step was world domination! However, the world is a big place and with a long sales cycle, their challenge was to get their brand in front of as many people in the industry as quickly as possible, without spending a fortune. Of course, they also wanted to collect valuable data so that they could follow up with an ongoing communications strategy.


we delivered

After working collaboratively with the team at ansarada to develop a concept that would meet all the business objectives, the M&A game was born. It is a rich long play game, that could be played in short sessions, fitting the behavioural needs of the target audience and the business needs of keeping people engaged over a long period of time. 

The player is put into the heroic position of a startup CEO and given $20m to invest in buying, selling and merging businesses.

At the core of the game is novel negotiation process that is surprisingly addictive.

Over a number of years the game has evolved with many new features including a very popular multiplayer mode.


The Outcomes

As well as helping to drive the continued global growth of ansarada for many years, the game now serves a number of other purposes from recruitment to induction. 


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