The app that helps job seekers to stay motivated and learn about the best way to get a job fast. 


Client: Department of Jobs and Small Business

Project: Jobfit

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App, Web based admin system, Dynamically Scalable Hosting

The challenge

Most people, when they first become unemployed, are motivated and confident that they can find work quickly. A few weeks of rejection and even worse, no response at all, can cause anyone to question themselves. The Department of Jobs and Small Business challenged us to create an app that would keep jobseekers motivated for longer, encouraging them to keep doing the things they need to do to find work.


we delivered

The Jobfit app employs gamification to keep people motivated, help them learn and provide useful feedback. Available for both iOS and Android, it works a lot like a fitness app, but rather than fitness activity, it tracks job search activity.
The features:

    • Rewards for activity
    • Goal setting tools
    • Relevant information when you need it
    • Quizzes to support learning key skills
    • Daily motivational quotes
    • News updates
    • And more

The app is also supported by a full admin and reporting system. Jobfit can also connect to the Department of Employment's Job Search website to make the tracking is easy.


The Outcomes

The Jobfit app is currently undergoing broad user testing and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, so have a play. Early signs are very promising with the app engaging users and getting very positive feedback. The full launch is anticipated to be later in the year.


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