The Social Soup App

Find out how this gamified app has helped Social Soup to engage with their massive community of Soupers and take their relationship to the next level...


Client: Social Soup

Project: The Social Soup App

Deliverables: iOS App, Android App

The challenge

Social Soup have established themselves a huge community of influencial digitral socialites. They built up the community via their website. To take things to the next level, they knew they needed to go mobile and to deepen the level of engagement


we delivered

Millenials live their lives on their phone so this had to be an app. Available for iOS and Android, Drop into maccas was so much more than a fun game. As well as the highly addictive game, the app included:

  • A competition management system which distributed real and virtual prizes

  • A restaurant finder with built in rewards for visiting

  • A virtual store for upgrades and power ups

  • Facebook integration with invitations and sharing

  • Integration with Salesforce and Marketo

  • News and notification system

And this was all wrapped up in a package that the target audience couldn’t get enough of.

Throughout the whole development process we worked closely with McDonalds creative agency to make sure everything we did was on brand.


The Outcomes

Within a few days the app got to No. 1 in the App Store and stayed in the top 20 throughout the campaign. The majority of users who downloaded the app registered to play and opted in to receive more information. A huge increase in restaurant visits led to an increase in sales AND repeat visits. McDonalds were so pleased, we developed version 2 of the game which had similar levels of success.   


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